2017 Election Results

Thank you to those who stood in for elections for roles within RUSA leadership. We have the results for the 2017 election! Congratulations to our new leaders:


  • Vice-President/President-Elect: Ann K. G. Brown
  • Director at large: Stephanie Graves
  • Director at large: Jason Coleman
  • Secretary: Candice Townsend


  • Amendment Item #1: To remove the membership dues amounts. ADOPTED
  • Amendment Item #2: To include interest groups as part of the RUSA structure. ADOPTED
  • Amendment Item #3: To remove discussion groups from the structure of RUSA. This does not affect discussion groups at the section level. ADOPTED
  • Amendment Item #4: To (1) Reduce the size of the board and disband the executive committee in order to streamline decision-making and increase response time to the needs of the association; (2) remove reference to RUSA annual meeting which is no longer a RUSA procedure; (3) Remove editors of divisional periodical publications from list of nonvoting members in response to the changing nature of publications; (4) Create flexibility for section representation on the board beyond the chief officer. ADOPTED


    • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Natasha Arguello
    • Member at Large: Emily Treptow
    • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Emily Hamstra
    • Member at Large: Cathleen Merenda
    • Member at Large: Magan Szwarek
  • ETS
    • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Lily Todorinova
    • Member at Large: Jessica Cerny
  • HS
    • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Jennifer McElroy
    • Member at Large: Ben Himmelfarb
    • Secretary: Kathy Shields
  • RSS
    • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Cynthia Johnson
    • Member at Large: Cynthia Levine
    • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Megan Gaffney
    • Member at Large: Leila Smith


  • RSS
    • Amendment #1: To change rules of order from Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedures to Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised. ADOPTED
    • Amendment #2: To allow the immediate past chair of RSS to serve on the RSS nominating committee. ADOPTED
    • Amendment #3: To remove reference to division’s journal. ADOPTED
    • Amendment #4: To update duties of RSS webmaster. ADOPTED

Again, thank you to all that stood in for elections and congratulations to the winners. View all ALA election results.

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