STARS Atlas Systems Mentoring Award

Sponsored by Atlas Systems, Inc., this award offers two gifts of $1,250 to fund travel expenses associated with attending ALA’s annual conference. Each recipient will be a library practitioner who is new to the field of interlibrary loan/document delivery or electronic reserves, and who has daily, hands-on involvement in the areas of borrowing, lending, document delivery, electronic reserves, material delivery, or resource sharing.

This award is intended for persons who have been in the profession for less than two years, or an individual who is newly employed in interlibrary loan, resource sharing or electronic reserves position and has little or no experience in that area. M.L.S. or ALA membership is not required for this award. Preference will be given to those with greatest demonstrated need for the purposes of professional development, networking, education, and service to their local community. The STARS Education and Training Committee will assign a mentor to the recipient for the conference to help them navigate through the conference experience. The recipient is expected to participate in STARS events throughout the conference.

*Monetary award amounts are subject to change without notice and are contingent upon donor funding supplied at the time the award is presented. Questions about these awards should be directed to the committee chairperson or to Leighann Wood at [email protected].


To nominate a librarian, download and complete the nomination form, and follow the submission instructions therein. Self-nominations are permitted. Questions should be directed to the committee chair. The current Chair is Amy Paulus and she can be contacted at amy-fuls (at)

The deadline for nominations is December 9, 2016.

Recent Recipients

2016Kimberly Steiner, Messiah College (Pa.)
2015Karen Thomas, Delaware Valley College
2014Jacob Kubrin, Holy Names University
2013Daniel Chesney, Southern Nazarene University (Okla.).
2012Natalie D. Beam
2011Micquel Little

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