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Enable and Manage Audio in Zoom

from: https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/using/audio-meetings.html (accessed 2/21/2017)

Enable audio in meetings

Start meeting audio

Audio for a meeting is not enabled by default. Meeting Hosts can configure an audio conference to auto-start when the meeting is first launched. Depending on the configuration, the audio conference starts with or without prompting the user. If these settings are changed during a meeting, the changes are effective from the next launch of the meeting. To start an audio conference and set its preferences, do the following:
  • Navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting.
  • Click Enter Meeting Room.
  • From the Audio menu, choose one of the following:

    Microphone Rights for Participants

    This option appears if there is no audio profile attached to the meeting. Choose this option to enable audio conference using VoIP.

    Start Meeting Audio

    This option appears if an audio profile is attached to the meeting.
  • Specify how you want the attendees to join the meeting’s audio conference. You can specify one or more of the following. The availability of the options depends on the meeting’s audio and system configuration.
    To access the various audio conference preferences, click Audio > Audio Conference Settings. For more information, see Change Audio Conference Settings from within a meeting.
    Note: If Universal Voice is configured, you can select both options. Participants can join the audio conference either using their computer’s microphones, or join the meeting using their phone. Start broadcasting to enable participants to hear any telephone-based audio through the computer speakers and broadcast their voices to telephone users using the microphone. When you stop broadcasting, VoIP users are audible to phone users, but phone users are not audible to the meeting users.
  • Click Start.
Once meeting audio has been started, attendees join the audio conference.

Join audio conference

After a host starts an audio conference, depending on the settings for audio conference, a notification window may appear to all attendees. The following options are possible:
  • Dial in and dial out information is presented to attendees.
  • The audio conference preset by the host starts.
  • Additionally, hosts see the dialog to start audio conference and to configure the Audio Conference settings in the Preferences.
After choosing the appropriate option if necessary, attendees can then broadcast their voices via their telephones or computer microphones.

Join audio conference from in-meeting Audio menu

You can join an audio conference from the pop-up menu items, using the following steps:
  1. To connect to conference audio, click the telephone button in the main menu bar.
  2. In the Join Audio Conference dialog box, select one of the following:Dial-outReceive a call from the meeting on the telephone number you enter. Dial-In Dial in using the number and instructions provided in the text box. If a dial-in token is provided, hosts can mute specific attendees. Without a dial-in token, hosts must first merge attendees with the related phone number in the Attendees pod. (See Merge two listings for the same caller in a conference call.) If audio is broadcasted in a meeting, meeting users are given an option to Listen Only, in the pop-up dialog box. When you click Listen Only, you are passively placed in the audio conference. For more information, see Change Audio Conference Settings from within a meeting. Using Microphone (Computer/Device) To connect using your computer microphone and speakers. (See Broadcast your voice using VoIP.)

Join the audio conference started by default

Hosts can configure an audio conference to automatically start when attendees join a meeting.

Manage audio within meetings

Enable microphone for participants using computers

By default, only hosts and presenters can use their microphones for audio. However, hosts can enable participants to broadcast by doing any of the following:
  • To enable audio for all participants, choose Audio > Microphone Rights For Participants. icon displays for all participants in the Attendees pod.
  • To enable audio for specific participants, select one or more in the Attendees pod. Then choose any of the following from the pop-up menu: Enable Audio, Make Host, or Make Presenter. icon displays next to the participant in the Attendees pod.
Note: Using the same pop-up menu, Hosts can later disable audio for specific attendees, reducing background noise.

Allow only one speaker to use the microphone at a time

Hosts can avoid overlapping conversations by doing the following:
  • Choose Audio > Enable Single Speaker Mode.
An asterisk appears next to the microphone button in the main menu bar. When one speaker clicks the button, it’s disabled for other users until the current speaker clicks the button again. This option is available only when using VoIP for audio and the option is not available when using a combination of VoIP and telephony for audio.

Enable Lecture Mode (MeetingOne only)

In MeetingOne audio conferences, you can enable Lecture mode. In the Lecture Mode, only the MeetingOne host and Adobe Connect hosts and presenters can speak. All other attendees in the meeting are unable to transmit audio as they are muted or their microphone rights are suspended.
  • Choose Audio > Enable Lecture Mode.

Broadcast your voice using VoIP

  • In the main menu bar, click the microphone button .
    As you speak, sound waves appear in the button icon, indicating audio level.
  • (Optional) To the right of the microphone button, click the menu button , and choose Adjust Mic Volume if you are too loud or quiet. Or choose Mute My Mic to temporarily stop broadcasting (for a cough or other interruption).
    You can select which microphone to use for audio, if you have more than one microphone connected. Click Audio, click Select Microphone, and choose from the displayed list of microphones. When an attendee is speaking, the microphone icon is displayed next to their name in the Attendees pod. If configured from the Attendees pod menu , the names of active speakers are displayed in the pod.

Adjust or mute audio volume

Each attendee can customize audio volume on their system.
  • In the main menu bar, select any of the following from the speaker menu :

    Mute My Speakers

    Entirely disables or enables audio. (Click the speaker icon to quickly toggle this option.)

    Mute Conference Audio Only

    Retains any audio playing in the Share and Video Telephony pods.

    Adjust Speaker Volume

    Displays a slider attendees drag to customize volume.
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