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Calling all business librarians! The aim of the Business Reference in Public Libraries Committee is to encourage collaboration and offer learning opportunities between academic, special, and public librarians in the sphere of business reference. A diversity of perspectives can add value to the overall experience of membership. Therefore, all librarians are invited to participate. The…(Read More)

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Upon releasing his new book, 40+ New Revenue Sources for Libraries and Nonprofits (ALA Editions, 2016), I had the chance to follow up with author and BRASS member, Ed Rossman about how he entered librarianship and why it’s important to be proactive in finding new revenue streams. For more information about the book, readers…(Read More)

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RUSA is pleased to announce spring 2017 online learning opportunities: APRIL ​4/4/17 – [Webinar] “The Library within a Library: The Makerspace Service Point” This webinar will recontextualize library services and infrastructure for a makerspace experience that is consistent for every patron, scalable to any skill level, and integrated into the overall library experience. Specifically…(Read More)

**to get email notifications when a new edition is published, click here.** Note from the Editor: I hope that everyone is coming back from the holidays renewed and refreshed to start the new year. As the spring semesters begin and winter programming picks up at libraries around the country, I am delighted to bring to…(Read More)

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Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction announced on February 11!  View the shortlist here!